Then She Found Me

By Helen K Garber
Written April 16, 2008
An excellent first directing effort by Helen Hunt and how lucky to have such great talent to work with, including herself. Just wished that she had an advisor looking over her shoulder at the dailies to see how disturbingly haggard she looked. Size 0 doesn't quite work for a 40 year old women on a 40 foot screen. Also, it was not a do***entary or a reality show, and it was part of her duty as a director is to light her lead as an award winning, beloved actress is expected to look, playing the part of a teacher. It makes you understand the ageism problem for women in Hollywood. We don't age as well as the men and it becomes distracting to the story when either bad cosmetic surgery or in this case, poor make up, hair and lighting makes us think more about the way an actress looks than the story. So directors, actors, and plastic surgeons, take note and please allow your middle aged actors to show their age as gracefully as possible so we can fully enjoy the film.
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touching and funny, sometimes a bit much with cliches, but on the whole a good film

By cookymonster
Written April 16, 2008
Really enjoyed the movie. Helen Hunt was very good. Thought Bette Midler was fun, but not that believable as the birth mother. What I really liked, is the pacing of the film, and the quirky moments. The relationship with Helen's character and her British boyfriend with the small children moves way too rapidly. There were some cliches that bothered me, yet on the whole was a fun film with some really neat moments.
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Then She Found Me

By 1classicfan
Written April 17, 2008
Great movie and wonderful ensemble cast...Midler is her amazing...funny...can't take your eyes off her self. Kudos to Helen Hunt for both acting in and directing this entertaining, touching and humorous movie. Will definately be recommending this movie to my friends...must go see it!!!
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And Then She Found Me

By funwithwarcrimes
Written April 16, 2008
Helen Hunt's "And Then She Found Me" is brilliant. Well crafted story, beautifully cast and precisely directed. We are very lucky to have her in the film world. It is a deeply honest depiction of very personal conflicts. And what a relief to see a woman with a few lines on her face. I would see it again and again.
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I saw this - PRETTY DARN GOOD, really!

By SoCalDog
Written May 24, 2008
I didn't want to see it, but got dragged to it. It was slow at first, but not bad. I like Colin Firth, but his role is usually pretty small. It is a good thing the role opened up for him, because I think he really made this movie . . . and Bette Midler, too. Very funny! I'd even see it again . . . maybe on video.
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