What parents need to know

Parents need to know that although this confusing indie sci-fi/thriller may attract teens thanks to heartthrob lead Ryan Reynolds and Gilmore Girls alum Melissa McCarthy, viewers of all ages could end up more befuddled than entertained. It tackles mature themes -- sex, drugs, God, the universe -- and includes an underlying current of violence (one character is murdered). The main character goes on a massive drugs-and-drink fueled bender, and the dialogue is littered with expletives ("s--t," "f--k").
  • Families can talk about how Gary, the TV star, loses it when he's dumped by his girlfriend. Does his reaction seem realistic? Understandable? Do actors like Gary seem a dime a dozen these days, especially considering how the tabloids report on the exploits of young stars? What do you think the consequences of Gary's behavior would be in real life? Families can also discuss how the film portrays the film and TV industry. Does it seem like a fraud? If so, how does the movie hint at this? Is the process by which new TV series are selected surprising? Does it yield good TV shows? If not, why?
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