The Nature of Existence Synopsis
Interviewers ask people who have influenced humanity to talk about their beliefs.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Sheri Linden
If its summary approach is less than penetrating, its underlying message of tolerance and open-mindedness is commendable.
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The New York Times

By Mike Hale
His film is no more profound than its forerunners, but it’s quicker, funnier and less pretentious.
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Boxoffice Magazine

By Steve Ramos
More so than his other documentaries, Nygard remains in the spotlight from start to finish as he traveled across the globe to seek answers...
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Time Out New York

Nygard’s mildly insipid, occasionally condescending tone makes you long for the bombast of early Michael Moore.
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Village Voice

There's something a tad disingenuous about the director's quest for meaning, as if the whole arc of the project has been contrived to...
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Austin Chronicle

By Marjorie Baumgarten
Certainly there are filmgoers who enjoy this kind of noncommittal metaphysical quest. I am not one of them. It makes me think that the...
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Five Word Review

By deluxesphinx
I totally LOVE this topic!...

The Nature of Existence

By rjroy
Great flick. I only wish it were longer....

Five Word Review

By zeil
mustsend 19yearold before 30 movie...

Life 101 from Trekkies director

By kady82
The latest documentary from the director of Trekkies pulls together a cornucopia of intellectuals, philosophers, astrophysicists, spiritual leaders, christian drag racers and seven year old atheists...

Laugh. Think. Go.

By movie2joy
I love films that make me laugh, think, take me on adventures to places I've never been, or just simply touch something inside of me. This film succeeds in doing all of that. Go see it, and take your...


By carrie_lynn
You do not have to have a religious bent to enjoy this movie! The filmmaker traveled around the world to ask all the questions I am sure all of us have pondered at one time, but never had access to...

Great Movie!

By treebeard2003
This was a very entertaining, insightful movie. We really enjoyed it....

TNoE Review

By clgilliland
Very informative and sometimes very funny (which really surprised me for a philosophy film). Interesting to see such a wide variety of perspectives and opinions regarding the same question. This...

Pack Your Bags for an Interesting Ride

By chamama
Great, fun, bright movie. Roger Nygard did something many of us wish we could have done by visiting places, people and minds to gain insight on some "big" questions. If you are open to learning...

Five Word Review

By jcbjhns0n
atheist/ religious/ new age ideas...

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