A Story that is NOT worth hearing...

By Mr_Portman
Written January 20, 2007
Though the ending did get MUCH better, I felt this movie was dull, unsatisfying, and down-right confusing!
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By krist
Written January 20, 2007
the nativity story was a wonderful movie that portrayed the most important event of all time, the birth of Jesus Christ. the acting was wonderful, and humor was sprinkled throughout the script. in the scene where Jesus was born, i cried, because i was so overcome with joy and wonder. this movie strengthened my faith, and i encourage all of my Christian brothers and sisters to go and see it.
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A Few Errors, Besides That It's Good

By filmreal
Written November 25, 2007
I enjoyed this film, but there were a few biblical errors. First of all, the three wisemen didn't arrive on the day of Jesus's birth, they arrived twelve days afterward (Epiphany). It is debatable whether Mary had labor pains or not, and we may never know for sure. King Herod did not receive word about the birth of a King until the three wisemen showed up to tell him. Other than those flaws, I heartily enjoyed the film. Oscar-nominated actress Keisha Castle-Hughes was pretty good as Mary, however the film did not portray Mary in the sinless, passive way that I imaged. If the film did anything, it showed the sacrifices Joseph made instead of Mary. Oscar Isaacs was outstanding as Joseph, and Shohreh Aghdashloo performed well as Mary's cousin Elizabeth. Other than a handful of religious flaws, "The Nativity Story" is great, and it does (almost) accurately illustrate the first Christmas miracle.
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By mommyiswatching
Written January 13, 2007
Great Movie for the entire family! Based on the bible and pretty good acting.
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For Those that Enjoy a Good Movie

By Julia_Loves_Movies
Written December 02, 2006
After reading the reviews I wanted to share my thoughts. For the devout Christians, I am glad that Hollywood is considering your interests & catering to them. For every 10 horror films, one is wholesome. It is nice you have this movie. For those upset for religious/political reasons, I don’t see movies that offend me. I won’t see Borat or Touristas. I will be upset by these films & I also don’t criticize those who enjoy them. For those that think Christmas is too commercialized, this country was founded on the principals of life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. Everything is commercialized. Enjoy your life & don’t worry about how rich others are. This movie delivers a message of love. Take that for what you will. Don't argue religion or politics - just love. Review this movie based on historical accuracy, its artistry, the actors, the screenplay etc. Like it or don't like, but have a valid reason.
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