The Nativity Story Synopsis
Mary (Keisha Castle-Hughes) and Joseph (Oscar Isaac) travel to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus.
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A Story that is NOT worth hearing...

By Mr_Portman
Though the ending did get MUCH better, I felt this movie was dull, unsatisfying, and down-right confusing!...


By krist
the nativity story was a wonderful movie that portrayed the most important event of all time, the birth of Jesus Christ. the acting was wonderful, and humor was sprinkled throughout the script. in...

A Few Errors, Besides That It's Good

By filmreal
I enjoyed this film, but there were a few biblical errors. First of all, the three wisemen didn't arrive on the day of Jesus's birth, they arrived twelve days afterward (Epiphany). It is debatable...


By mommyiswatching
Great Movie for the entire family! Based on the bible and pretty good acting....

The Nativity Story

By tbookie
I really enjoyed this movie. It really brought to life the story of Mary & Joseph. It was a real eye opener. I would like to make this movie a family tradition. Although I think that it would be...

The Nativity Story

By kimandreadis
This was a tender, sensitve and realistic portrayal of the events prior to and surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ. The depiction of the immmaculate conception and how people reacted to this...


By spavingmom
A powerful reminder of the coming of the Messiah and the ordinary and unlikely people whom God used to accomplish His plan. What an encouragement for us ordinary people!...


By movies86_1
This movie is good for one and the entire family. I must also mention that it is a great Christmas or Birthday present....

Very well done

By mjb1013
Loved this movie. It stuck to the Biblical account of the nativity, but it was so real. You could relate to the charcaters - it reminded me that these were real people, ordinary people, used in an...

very well done

By moviesrus
enjoyed the acting, scenery, and story presentation. Portrayed story honestly and the characters as real people. Great movie for the x-mas holidays....

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