Moving Storyline, Sad and Heartwarming at the Same Time, and a Great Soundtrack

By mis_chief_maker
Written March 22, 2011
Fantastic movie, touching and moving scenes throughout. Great soundtrack and character development. Also introduces a new and emerging field of medical research, which has been very successful with patients with brain injuries and alzheimer's. Sad, yet with happy moments as well. Overall very well done.
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So good...

By RichL99
Written March 19, 2011
I laughed, I cried, I reminisced and cried some more. A truly touching film that pulls at the heart strings with the soundtrack of my youth. Do not miss this film!
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A real good flick

By And_Another_Thing
Written March 27, 2011
Don't go if you are expecting a Dead show related film. I loved this story it touched me just like music does.
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The Music Never Stopped

By RosenblumM
Written March 20, 2011
One of the best films I have seen!!!!
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Needed a Mental health day off

By CHB Harpo
Written March 30, 2011
Although it was the music that made me want to see this movie, that is not the real draw now as I order tickets to take my 14 year old son after I saw it yesterday. This is a great movie that hits close to home for many of us from the end of the baby boomer generation. They say history repeats itself. I saw my own father, as well as me as a father now in this movie. It is a very touching story about connections we make and need in our lives. You care about every character in this movie. The casting could not have been better. I need to see this movie again. And I will cry at a few points in the film again. Some with joy, some because of the sense of how easily we can lose what is important. If you are a Deadhead, I got on the bus late in life at 50, post Jerry, it may fill you with joy, or make you sad at what was lost. But if you are not a fan of any of the music. It will not change your view of the movie. In the end it is about connections, both lost and recovered. See it.
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