The Music Never Stopped Synopsis
A brain tumor prevents him from forming new memories, so a man tries to bond with his son musically.
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Moving Storyline, Sad and Heartwarming at the Same Time, and a Great Soundtrack

By mis_chief_maker
Fantastic movie, touching and moving scenes throughout. Great soundtrack and character development. Also introduces a new and emerging field of medical research, which has been very successful with...

The Music Never Stopped

By RosenblumM
One of the best films I have seen!!!!...

So good...

By RichL99
I laughed, I cried, I reminisced and cried some more. A truly touching film that pulls at the heart strings with the soundtrack of my youth. Do not miss this film!...

A real good flick

By And_Another_Thing
Don't go if you are expecting a Dead show related film. I loved this story it touched me just like music does....

The Music Never Stopped

By miavoce1
Good movie for a rainy day! True story and liked the movie, and was actually a "movie" versus something with all these special effects. Probably best for adolescents and adults and ones with a strong...

Needed a Mental health day off

By CHB Harpo
Although it was the music that made me want to see this movie, that is not the real draw now as I order tickets to take my 14 year old son after I saw it yesterday. This is a great movie that hits...

not 4. me

By Okocha26
It is a musical movie. I don't like...

A thinking movie

By Dave's Faves
You do not have to be a big name star or have glitzy special effects to have a well acted and well written movie. The two protagnoists, played by J.K. Simmons and Lou Taylor Pucci, have a a great...

Def. worth seeing.

By geopaas


By zubaz010
very sad story...

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Rated PG | For language, thematic elements, some mild drug references and smoking
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Common Sense Media says Music brings family back together in moving drama.
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