The Muppets are Back!

By lwfrana
Written November 24, 2011
Very refreshing, just good clean fun for all ages. Jason Segel's love for and understanding of the classic Muppets characters really shine through. You can tell this was truly a labor of love. And new Muppet Walter fits right in. Hope we see more of him! The best song of the film is the "Man or Muppet" number. Very poignant! You're guaranteed to leave this movie with a smile on your face.
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Great Movie

By kylesparker
Written December 12, 2011
I teared up remembering my own childhood as I brought my own kids to see these classic characters. Overall it was a great experience, however they lost my kids (3yr old and 4yr old) attention in a couple of spots.
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By SuperMeghan91
Written December 19, 2011
The best movie I've seen since...since I can remember! This movie blows the original Muppets out of the water and it's probably the best thing in theaters right now, or this entire year. I will say that it is more geared toward adults than children, but I'm sure most children would love this.
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How is it "MUST GO?"""

By hollyrej
Written December 04, 2011
I read quite a few GREAT reviews on here.. maybe that's why I was a little disappointed. It was "good" - but not great by any stretch. I thought some of the songs were overdone and honestly~ my son really didn't laugh a whole lot- neither did many other people in the theater. Maybe my high expectations caused it to be a bigger disappointment. Worth renting- not paying theater prices for.
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By Nancy119
Written December 05, 2011
For my daughter's 9th birthday, the four of us went to see the muppets yesterday. First & foremost, my husband went & he stayed awake -- it kept his interest the entire time. (typically he falls asleep like clockwork 20 minutes into a movie)!!!! AND WE LOVED WALTER'S ALTERNATE PERSONALITY IF HE WAS HUMAN!!!!! Our girls didn't grow up with the muppets, but they did laugh & enjoy it very much. If you grew up watching the muppets -- the inferences & inuendos made are HYSTERICAL!!! Enjoy!!
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