Love the Muppets! Go see the movie!

By Bosslady6
Written November 26, 2011
You must go see the Muppets! It's fun for everyone in the family - just enough 'humans' and adult aside jokes; plenty of singing and dancing; enough plot to entertain - - - and of course, plenty of the Marvelous Muppets! Go see this movie. Again and again.
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By akemist
Written November 25, 2011
It was fine. A little heavy for a muppet movie. They acted like they had not made any movies between the muppet show and today. Which is not true. My 5year old was not captivated but my 7 year thought it was good. A little too much drama for Kermit. Great for all ages. I enjoyed it.
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Next Best Thing to the Original

By astarfield
Written November 27, 2011
I couldn't have imagined that another muppet movie could capture the original essence of the muppets. But they managed to capture modern sentiment about the muppets and revive them for a next generation. Sweet, funny, deep, silly. LOVED IT.
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Childhood and Real Life!!!!

By eclecticsherone
Written November 25, 2011
You never know how a movie is going to strike you and this one delivered generously. While it had it's love stor(ies) it also had it tear jerk of a theme. I so loved the muppets as a child and this movie just brought back fun memories. It is definitely worth a go see!!!!
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The muppets

By Jedi55
Written November 24, 2011
The chickens sang Forget You, witch is my favorite song. Disney should have not added that Walter guy...
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