Muppets Prove They're Better Than Moopets

By Al P
Written November 24, 2011
This movie is just top notch family fun, suitable and entertaining to everyone from baby to grandma. It's funnier than 90 percent of the adult comedies released this year and even funnier to kids. Finally, the new Disney produced a FAMILY movie that's not only great but impossible to be controversial. This one reminded me of those Disney films of yesterday like "Mary Poppins" and "Snow White." Filled with music, love and laughter, populated by the most loved of all children's characters, how could it go wrong? At risk of sounding cynical, with Disney's recent reputation I gave it 50/50 at best. Nope, the quality of the production and performance here is just superb. If you don't get misty and tear up once or twice, you're either dead or heartless. Don't miss this one. It's worth seeing twice for full price. You won't be disappointed and neither will the kids. It just doesn't get any better than this.
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Great movie. Lots of fun.

By blovinjen21
Written November 24, 2011
We really enjoyed the silly humor and the nostalgia of the movie. So many old concepts are remade into some new age spin, but it can ruin the classics. This movie left me pleasantly surprised with the cheesy humor and funny twists. Good family movie.
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a great movie for adults and children alike

By Cannetela1
Written November 24, 2011
This movie was adorable! I hope parents take their children to see this movie and the children fall in love with the muppets like I did. Sure beats the hell out of childrens programming nowadays. This movie had me smiling the entire time.
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The Muppets

By stephmccaslin
Written November 23, 2011
I laughed, I cried, I sang, I danced. This was one of the best movies I've ever seen. It had a lot of throwback Muppet humor for those of us who have been fans for years, but was fresh and new, perfect to bring in the new fan.
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The Muppets

By lisawolf
Written December 05, 2011
If you are a Muppet fan you will enjoy this movie. References from the old shows are in there and bring you back to being a kid and enjoying The Muppet Show. I did note that adults in the audience tended to be the only ones laughing at certain times as we were in on the joke because we knew the Muppets so well. Jason and Amy did a great job as the lead actors, and the cameos were fun too. It is very heartwarming movie (found myself a little emotional a few times), and though at times it seemed a little slow moving, overall I had a great time at the theater watching this movie. My daughter, age 11, enjoyed it too, but probably not as much as me! I sang right along to Rainbow Connection!!!
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