By aishaseay16
Written September 26, 2016
This movie isn't getting the praise it deserves. The books aside, the movie has great graphics, wonderful creativity behind bringing the script to life and gives a few no names a chance to actually act. Now, as far as the book goes, there is no way to bring the entire book to life but the movie comes close. It is different, not just the typical vampires and wolves, but Fey and Angels and Demons, oH MY! Took two teenage boys and even they were impressed. The movie even got them to jump a several times and I enjoy any moment where I can scare the kids!! I really hope the disappointing numbers from the box office don't keep the production company from making book two into a movie as well.
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Great Fight Scenes & Good Story Line...

By Mjs13
Written May 26, 2016
...saw it in IMAX....and teen daughter was over-the-moon with this movie. while they took a few liberties and didn't follow the book exactly--it still has great fight scenes and a good story line. would actually recommend seeing the movie before you read the book. we felt the actors portrayed their characters very well and enjoyed the one-liners that popped into the movie! we will most likely be seeing this movie a 2nd and possibly 3rd time. and if you've got a teen or pre-teen daughter...expect to take them to see this movie and enjoy it yourself too. :)
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Not What you Would Expect

By edwarner99
Written December 01, 2015
This turned out to be more than I expected. Had I believed the so-called professional critics, I would have never gone. This turned out to be a very enjoyable movie that combined romance, a little comedy and suspense.
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If you like the book do not watch

By MandM_Cane
Written June 27, 2016
Besides the story line being messed up to make it fit into movie time, they made the characters so stereo typical, the were wolves were all shaggy men as opposed to regular people (including women) who happen to be were wolves , the vampires were all scary & unappealing as opposed to a mix of enticing, mesmerizing & some actually appealing, the adult shadow hunters represented by Valentine's henchmen were just big thugs, not the graceful, beings & the worst was making Valentine himself be a Genghis Khan rip off instead of the imposing controlling in control man in a buisness suit - (what was with the lame braids & have him have no control whatsoever, not scary, just brutish - why would Clary's mom ever want what they showed him to be?!! It is a shame, it was like a mockery of the characters. Isabelle should have been taller & more stately as is mentioned in the book, so as to create a contrast with Clary, but really she came over as a mediocre person - and that is just to start with
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If you are a fan of the books, this movie is a MUST-SEE!

By lizgorelick
Written August 25, 2013
If you are a fan of the books, this movie is a MUST-SEE! It follows the plot of the book really well and takes the best quotes from the novel. Nevermind that it is incredibly cast. Robert Sheehan was born to play Simon. Jace is impeccable and Clary is amazing too. This is definitely a movie I would recommend to anyone who likes the fantasy or supernatural genre.
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