I absolutely LOVED it!

By lcmarie19
Written July 31, 2014
It was fast paced. Very sequential. Not choppy. There were a few things that I was looking for that weren't there, but they weren't crucial to the plot. They just would have been REALLY cool to see. Jamie Campbell Bower and Robert Sheehan were the BEST Jace and Simon that I could have asked for. And Jemima West was a KICK ***Isabelle! I love Lily & Kevin as well, but my eyes were honestly on Simon & Jace for the ENTIRE film. JRM was great as Valentine. He was quite scary most of the time. At first, I thought he was overacting, but as the movie continued, I really started to believe his character. The original scoring of the film was BRILLIANT. The only thing I didn't like was the Demi Lovato "Heart to Heart" song playing where it did. I thought it was overkill for an already perfect scene. The action sequences was effin' AMAZING! And the graphics were spot on. The demons looked so real and so disgusting. GREAT effort all around. LOVED IT!
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Absolutely LOVED it, changes and all.

By coffeepixie
Written October 25, 2014
I went in a little hesitant, nervous and excited. I wanted to love this as much as I love the books while already prepping myself for this to be nothing like the book. I was wrong, & right. I felt like the world was BEAUTIFULLY created, matching the visuals of the book perfectly. I am still having issues with Jamie being Jace, he just seemed not "ethereal" enough for me, but he nailed it with the acting and the sarcastic humor so it redeemed him. I was able to look past Lilly's dark red hair (versus bright red) because let's face it, the ACTING is more important. Simon? PERFECT. I walked away completely loving this movie - changes from the book & all. Yes, there are some loopholes & plot changes, but I am glad they did it. It would have been hard to get a NEW audience without these changes. Side note: my husband also went & is a huge fan of this movie genre & purposely didn't read the books beforehand. He said he was confused about things, there were some holes, but he still liked it
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Mortal Instruments-City of Bones

By Skyler1669
Written August 22, 2013
This was awesome and I would highly recommend this movie to anyone. I was disappointed in the advertisements for this movie. More people should be aware of this outstanding series. It could be a huge blockbuster.
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By ashleyedney
Written November 30, 2014
I loved the film even though they changed alot of things that happened in the book but i knew that would happen and I still really enjoyed the film. I am mad that they did drop a spoiler in the first movie that you dont even find out until the third book of the mortal instruments. fans will know what i am talking bout when they see the movie.
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City of bones...AMAZING!!!

By jerriannbresee
Written August 22, 2013
Completely amazing. Everyone should see this movie. I already feel like I am having withdrawals and I just saw it last night. Was very tempted to buy another ticket last night. :) Yes there are some changes to the story but you can expect that with an adaptation but they stuck to the story a lot too. Isabelle's whip was pretty awesome and Jamie who?? All I saw during the movie was Jace Wayland. Jamie did that amazing with the role of Jace. Yes I read ALL of the books. Both TMI and the Clockwork series. This movie is a MUST see for TMI fans. I think they need to get moving on filming the next one! I will be purchasing this when it comes out for home.
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