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Of course the book is better

By MsBitterheart
Written August 24, 2013
But yeah... as movie adaptations go, I can live with this. Jamie Campbell Bower is not my Jace, and there were a few other minor/major changes (Simon is never a mouse!), but I can accept them and move on. If you read the book, it's not like the travesty of Beautiful Creatures, so give it a try!
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Loved it!

By halgirl1129
Written August 23, 2013
I love The Mortal Instruments and its prequel The Infernal Devices and this movie didn't disappoint. Yes, there were some changes but I think that they made the movie better. Keep in mind that the books and the movies are two different creations. They also did an amazing job on creating this amazing new world with the budget that they had. After all, you can't fit every thing from a almost 500 paged book into a two hour movie. There were some things that I would've liked to see more of but it is fine with me. Jamie plays Jace perfectly, and the rest of the cast did an amazing job bringing our beloved characters to life. I went with my family who didn't read the books and they loved it. It stayed true to the main story and the characters. I like the spin the movie puts some scenes. It has a lot of action and comedy and some romance. I think that if you love the books then you will really like this movie. I'm going to see it again and can't wait to see City of Ashes.
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City of Bones

By kadydid2666
Written August 25, 2013
The movie was great, yes it did cram a lot of info into the allotted time frame, but it was either that or put it out as a mini series...that would have been good, I wouldn't have complained. I like the story and the movie, I was startled a few times jumping in my seat .overall happy with it and I would go see it again.
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Did not disappoint

By goodjennifer123
Written August 24, 2013
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, the long anticipated adaptation of the book by Cassanda Clare, did not disappoint. The film retained much of the wit and charm of the book while providing spectacular fight sequences for a visual audience. While the variations from the book were numerous, they were understandable. This first installment was enjoyable, but like the first book, left us unsatisfied. Thus, we await the sequels.
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Fanatism at its best.

By andiusunknown
Written August 22, 2013
The movie just hardly, if not barely, stayed true to the books. Anyone claiming otherwise is simply being deceitful. Books aside, the movie was entertaining enough although the plot was dashed and lacked fair character development. As for the die-hard fans: The main focus on Jace's heroic image left a couple roles missing credit where due, especially the role of Simon. Don't expect too much from our beloved and comical Magnus Bane.. He lacks a sense of humor along with his typical air of confidence.
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