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Not too Bad.

By AiyaO
Written August 22, 2013
So I was totally expecting Twilight... One girl.. loves two guys.. Can't make a choice so she makes both of them insane all the while monsters roaming. Not the case, I enjoyed the movie. They didn't go overboard with the CGI, it had a touch of a love story but the whole movie wasn't based on that.. Which I loved. It had amusement, action, nothing too scary (can take the kids 10 and up perhaps) The book was good and this movie did what it was supposed to.. Appeal to the fans of the series. Also to screaming teenage girls and the middle aged women who forget their age and scream as well. I'd say if your bored and want something to do to hold your interest and kill time go on and go take a gander at it.
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Awful. Just absurdly awful.

By tx_capricorn
Written August 22, 2013
Fantastically beautiful set pieces, completely incoherent storyline with no connective tissue between scenes, zero chemistry between the lead characters (or any of the characters at all), awful acting, mediocre special effects, and at least a few moments where Kimberly and I were like "We should have gone and seen Kick ***2." Huge disappointment, not even worth the price of a DVD rental. Felt like a WB channel production that got way bigger than intended. Even my girlfriend, who loved the series, was asking to leave the theater. Major disappointment all the way around. Avoid.
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A- for film adaptation of the book

By fairyspellbook
Written August 22, 2013
While containing slight alterations from the book in the same way that the 'Harry Potter' films differed from their books, this movie is well cast, well acted, and visually beautiful. If book readers can forgive and forget the variations, they will enjoy watching Jace, Clary, Simon, etc come to life on the big screen. That being said, any non-readers in the audience may be confused and feel they are missing part of the plot or character development, as this movie does not do well as a stand-alone film. Viewers should have some base knowledge of the character history and an understanding for the way runes work. A- for film adaptation of the book B- for a stand-alone film
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Great Graphics

By brenahollie
Written August 28, 2013
Graphics were amazing! wish I could have seen this in 3d. its got an enigma wrapped in a love story wrapped in an enigma! I loved it! and hope to see a sequel. They better have one cause they leave you with unanswered questions that they better answer in the City Of Ashes!
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By dsb618
Written August 22, 2013
I know movies are rarely as good as the books and that is very true in this case. Many key events in the plot are skipped or totally changed. A truth that is not revealed until the end of the third book is let out of the bag, which spoils the story for those that haven't read that far!!! I would rent it after reading the whole series, but not go to the theatre.
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