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Best book-to-film adaptation.

By dylangarroway17
Written April 29, 2017
I thought this was one of the best book to film adaptations. Yes there were a few things that were different, and things taken out, but it was great. It really was just a wonderful experience. It was beautifully made definitely. I'm ready for the City of Ashes. I think all the actors chosen for the film screamed the characters, and I'd really go again! I'll also be buying the DVD whenever it comes out. I'm a big fan of the books, and just seeing things come to life made me happy.
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Could Have Been Better

By MyMindStorm
Written October 22, 2016
I really liked the book series, so I went to the opening night of City of Bones. The plot moved too slow, the action seemed placed (not natural), and the actors didn’t do the book characters justice. Some actors were better then others. Clary and Jace were good. I liked the actor playing Jace. He had some acting skills and was cute/quick with the lines as Jace in the book is. But the actors playing Isabel and Magnus Bane were awful for their characters! It’s like they never even researched the characters by reading the book City of Bones! Isabel is a kickass heroine Shadowhunter and Magnus a super smart hipster Warlock! They came across as dull and forgettable in the movie. Alec was unlikable. The quick one liners and jokes between Jace and Simon were few and far between. Overall the movie seemed lackluster. It could have been a lot better. It’s like they skimmed over some really good parts and only gave a predicable surface story.
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Great book - Bad Movie

By MovieGuyNJ
Written June 29, 2016
The book was fascinating. It's too bad they turned this into an MTV version. I take that back; Teen Wolf is much better than this. The one character in the book who is full of life, charisma and charm is a warlock named Magnus Bane. In the movie, he's a super serious curmudgeon. Parts from the second book are added, but not all of the basic concepts from the first book are properly explained. They never defined what the Clave is. The first book should have been split into 2 movies so it could be done properly. For some reason, one of the runes gives Clary the ability to repair her damaged apartment like a wizard?? What is this, Harry Potter part 8? A friend who never read the book came with me. He couldn't follow the twisted, fractured story points. Just awful...
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Not what I expected

By mrsblack1029
Written May 26, 2017
Granted movies cannot follow books exactly, however this one was so far off of key points it was difficult to watch. The only actors that portrayed the characters accurately were Robert Sheehan (Simon) and Lena Headey (Jocelyn), the rest were too old to play the teenage rolls they were given or they just plain stink. The movie actually put my friend to sleep , and she is the one who wanted to go the most. I expected a lot more from this movie than was delivered. It did still have some good points and some of Jace's famous one liners but not enough to save this movie.
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For fans only?

By mmmdaniel
Written October 01, 2016
City of Bones will satisfy fans of the series by Cassandra Clare, but might be a hard sell to newcomers. The casting was great--Jace and Clary have chemistry to spare, and Simon stole every scene he was in. Too bad about Bane--pretty, but. . . . (was that a voice-over?!) Action was well choreographed and fun, and Clare's witty dialogue is intact. Music is cringeworthy and nearly ruined the kiss scene for me, and they took a lot of license to fit the epic story in two hours, but overall it worked for me and I am looking forward to the next installment.
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