Read the book instead.

By movieamore
Written February 10, 2014
I knew from the previews that this movie probably wasn't going to work and I was right. The plot is certainly movie-worthy so I thought I'd give it a chance. Love those fine actors - Clooney, Goodman, Murray, Bonneville, Blanchette, etc. but Nazi stolen art - such a serious topic was presented with too many comedic, goofy moments in this movie. Also, the music was all wrong - light and humorous at all the wrong times. The soundtrack would have been more appropriate for maybe Raiders of the Lost Ark. Save your money and buy the book because this is an amazing historical account of startling true events.
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Trying to be fair but can't think of one positive from this movie

By bhpavo
Written February 07, 2014
Unfortunately (because I like all of the main actors) I did not enjoy this movie for 1 second. It is slow, the jokes are corny/elementary, the history depicted is trivial and misses the point and the entire time the audience is waiting (and waiting) for something to happen. Nothing happens in this movie!!! Yes, they find art that the Nazis stole and hid but the way they go about telling the story with no reflection of the war/Holocaust going on around these perspectively meaningless events is quite disturbing. There's no way G Clooney was happy with the way this turned out - being that he starred and directed in it. I think its true that the more a movie needs to advertise itself the more it may be considering how truly awful it is... I'm sorry for the negativity but I was really upset at the plot/the acting/and the overall direction this movie took.
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By mzberg13
Written February 07, 2014
You've got an unbelievable cast and so/so story. I didn't expect any big gun fights or a big emotional story. It was funny, at times but nothing outside of what was revealed the trailer actually happened. Nothing happened. Clooney has this incredible case lined up and didn't really DO anything with them. It was more of a this happened, then this happens, then this happens step by step process.
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Decent film

By peteyfloyd
Written February 17, 2014
Good movie. Entertaining. I read the book and it's hard to fit all that info into 2 hours of film. But they did a good job overall.
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Loved it

By vfsn
Written February 24, 2014
My husband was the one that wanted to see this was his I went. Well I was wrong with my ideas about this show. I was surprised that none of this was taught to me when I was in was interested, humorous, heartfelt. We truly enjoyed it.
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