Real Men Like Art

By mrwedge10
Written September 01, 2014
What a pleasant surprise...great historical plot, suspense, men of character, brave mission, and plenty of action...all this and no F bombs, violent action or sex. I'd take the grand kids to see this for the historical perspective and art appreciation factors.
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Decent war movie told on the perspective of saving art

By nc2kid
Written August 04, 2014
I had the chance to watch this movie free on a military base on Feb 1. I was reluctant at first but decided to see it since it was free. Afterwards, I don't regret my decision. It was worth my time. The focus of the movie is preserving art during the war and the movie does a great job of drawing you into the action. The actors split up in their quest to track down the lost art and that got confusing but It's definitely worth seeing at least once in a theater.
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I will never look at Art again without the compassion for these couragous men!!

By walmarty
Written February 08, 2014
Just went to see this movie tonight and I learned sooooo much that I never knew about all the art in Europe. I wish I'd of known of these courageous men before I visited all the art galleries, churches and Louve in Europe and I would of looked at the art much more compassionately. What a wonderful movie and tribute to these heros that saved as much as they could from the Hitler. It's a must see!!
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Surprise story that was very well done

By LateViewer
Written February 08, 2014
Seventy years later after the efforts of these men and without their efforts and this film how many people would ever have known. A question apparently asked by President Harry Truman was "...after 30 years who will know of this mission's importance..." I'm glad that I can say that after 40 more years, I am proud they did this amazing mission.
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What a waste...

By sosin
Written September 18, 2014
A waste of a possibly great story and wonderful actors. Flat, slow, and boring. Disconnected scenes, most going nowhere at all. Saw the documentary on PBS, and that was more interesting than this supposed "adventure" story. Sad.
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