The Mistress Synopsis
An adventurous man begins a doomed relationship with a woman who is committed to an older partner.

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The Mistress

By margiegloria
John Lloyd and Bea never cease to be at their best in every movie they make. I didn't find any flaw about the story or any scene. Excellent!...

The Mistress

By matikas
I want JD and Sari to end up in each others arms, but not possible because It was not meant to be with a plot like this. Perhaps a part two? The only way to have a happy ending for the lead...

the mistress

By mcw_211
movie is just ok....

The Mistress

By Gabriela7
Bea Alonzo outdid herself in this movie, you like her character one time then you hate her as the mistress the next moment. Then you feel her pain when Ronaldo Valdez tells her that she is only his...


By last_paratrooper
First I am a English speaking person from the U.S.A. and I was able to understand the movie very well. Bea Alonzo was her beautiful sexiest best! I have had a crush on her for the last three years....


By florumen
one of the few movies I've seen that's very good - the story, the acting of all characters especially Bea & John Lloyd. Rating - PG 13....

The Mistress

By sinopa_ehdiako
It's nice but the ending is hanging......does it mean there will be a part 2? I didn't get the part " after 1 1/2 year and the date is Oct 2013? why future date?... but overall I really like Bea,...

Like, like, like!!!

By tweetyrates
It has a fresh approach as an infidelity story. The actors justified their respective roles and the movie never failed to keep you focused from beginning to the end. The emotions are intense! :)...

waste of time

By heizle
The plot is so typical. RIch boy falls in love with poor girl. it's ...bleh!...

the mistress

By bayombong3700
this is by far the best Filipino film that i've ever seen in this generation. john lloyd and bea are in their best. the story is well plotted and told. best acting for jl and bea. they have improved a...

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Rated NR