The Mist- Loved it.

By film_lover13
Written November 21, 2007
It is a horror film complete with great monsters, but wait, it is so much more. Darabont has done it again. He takes you on a ride to a fantastic world but there is more to his storytelling than what you see on the surface. I was scared, I jumped in my seat, and yes- I cheered. This movie is intelligent, full of suspense, and very satisfying. You are taken on a journey that has a huge payoff in the end. This will surprise even the most seasoned King reader. The script is superb- first class. The actors all do a wonderful job. The production design is top notch. The creatures are FANTASTIC. Let me say this again, the creatures are FANTASTIC! Go out and see this movie. I know I am going to see it again. THE MIST - A MUST SEE MOVIE.
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Frank Darabont is a genius!

By SaneGirl
Written September 07, 2008
I put off seeing this movie, because I thought, oh, another Stephen King; I grew a bit tired of his writing. I'm SO glad I watched this! Ok, the monsters were a bit stoopid, but the EMOTIONS of the people, so many different characters, just like real life. How quickly we cave in, when pressure surrounds us, we grasp at the tiniest straw...Oh I just loved this, every little nuance, the little things, the subleties. Who would have guessed the average bespectacled guy was a sharp shooter! Marcia, I love ya honey, and you played your part so well, I was damn glad he shot ya! Tiny tender moments between father and son (Who IS that child?, what a marvellous little actor!) Jeffrey De Munn, always good value, Thomas, you're such a hunk. I loved most of it, the music was just fabulous, well done to all for making me sob like a baby at the ending, original and different! Highly recommended!
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dont miss the mist

By paulyfatfingers
Written January 07, 2008
awesome movie one of kings best
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If you see one F-ing movie see this!

By Darkrider
Written November 20, 2007
I saw the pre-release today and I walked out of the theater just stunned... It took about 10 minutes to hit me, I was feeling almost every emotion out there, shocked, sad, happy, mad, frustrated, amazed, scared but mostly just completely blown away! Its one of those movies that just doesn't leave your thoughts once you leave the theater. Incredible twists, non stop action, incredible story line and it does a great job of making you feel the characters feelings and fears! A MUST EXPERIENCE!
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An Excellent Thriller

By movie_fanatic_1
Written October 08, 2008
I thouroughly enjoyed watching The Mist. It is a great example of what people do when they are so full of fear and are trapped together. It is amazing to see what people will believe to have the feeling that they are going to be safe. The ending was imenent. Although Stephen King himself did not write it this way, I believe it had to be done to effectively end the movie. They were in the middle of nowhere with no hope of getting out, and the father's promise to his son that he would never let the monsters get him made the ending truly shocking. An altogether story that focuses on the human aspects of fear rather than just the same, tired old monster movie. Even though the effects werent amazing, it was an altogether good movie to me.
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