By lugubriousthespian
Written January 21, 2009
What Preston Sturges was able to slyly slip by the Hays office in 1944 ( the notorious censorship faction of the Hollywood Studio System at the time ) with his knockabout screwball farce THE MIRACLE OF MORGAN'S CREEK is still nothing short of astounding. Betty Hutton stars as a small town party gal who after a night of carousing with a slovenly drunken band of Army inductees soon discovers she is with child but can't remember who the father is! She enlists the begrudging help a long-time devotee Eddie Bracken who truly loves her but doesn't want to take the sure-fire pummeling from her harried father (the wonderfully bombastic William Demarest in one of his funniest roles). Naturally comic complications ensue to uproarious effect in this brilliantly directed movie that is really a shrewd satire of domestic life gone crazy in the midst of wartime that is masked deftly by the rollicking slapstick and outrageous complications that were so rampant in the greatest of the 30s screwballs!
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