Give it a chance!

By mattster85
Written August 07, 2008
I drove 7 hours to see Midnight Meat Train after learning that Lionsgate dumped it into second-run theaters. It lived up to my expectations and didn't deserve the mediocre release it was given. In the midst of poorly written remakes, copycat torture films, and endless sequels, Midnight Meat Train is a breath of fresh air. Ryuhei Kitamura has created a unique environment that's both unsettling and visually captivating and we get top of the line performances from the cast members. if it's playing near you and you enjoy horror films take the time to go see it.
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Don't Worry if you missed it in theaters...See It Now on Fearnet On Demand

By GAughey
Written October 25, 2008
I was unable to see it in the theater, but the fact they were playing it on cable was just fine for me. Good Story, Good Casting, Scary Scenes on the train, heck of a twist at the end. In Summary...Good Show!
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Midnight Meat Train

By englishruss
Written November 09, 2008
If Leon Kaufman wants to sell his photos to a top art studio he's going to have to get involved in the life of the city, he's going to have to board the midnight meat train. Liked this film, it's effective and quite dark. The performances are good but the direction and script is the real star. Particularly the way it slowly pulls you in. It's well paced and quite effective. Not earth shattering but well worth a rent. I was quite reticent about going to see this film. I'd set off to see the new bond film but my partnerd up mate had already seen it. It pulled me in, had to give it a chance and ended up enjoying it.
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The Midnight Meat Train

By thecrazymr
Written August 13, 2008
Really enjoyed the movie. I'm a huge Clive Barker fan.
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The Midnight Meat Train

By movie_fanatic_1
Written March 07, 2009
The Midnight Meat Train, in my opinion, was less than spectacular. I guess that with my expectations so high, it desperatly failed. I found the acting superb though the story line lacked. The actors really made the film what it was. The effects were very poor and were not impressive at all. At times they reminded me of a bad sci-fi channel movie. Though sometimes I felt extreme terror during certain scenes, most of the film left me feeling unsatisfied. In the end, I felt as though my money was wasted.
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