The Midnight Meat Train Synopsis
A photographer (Bradley Cooper) becomes fascinated by a subway serial killer (Vinnie Jones).
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Give it a chance!

By mattster85
I drove 7 hours to see Midnight Meat Train after learning that Lionsgate dumped it into second-run theaters. It lived up to my expectations and didn't deserve the mediocre release it was given. In...

Don't Worry if you missed it in theaters...See It Now on Fearnet On Demand

By GAughey
I was unable to see it in the theater, but the fact they were playing it on cable was just fine for me. Good Story, Good Casting, Scary Scenes on the train, heck of a twist at the end. In...

Midnight Meat Train

By englishruss
If Leon Kaufman wants to sell his photos to a top art studio he's going to have to get involved in the life of the city, he's going to have to board the midnight meat train. Liked this film, it's...

The Midnight Meat Train

By thecrazymr
Really enjoyed the movie. I'm a huge Clive Barker fan....

The Midnight Meat Train

By movie_fanatic_1
The Midnight Meat Train, in my opinion, was less than spectacular. I guess that with my expectations so high, it desperatly failed. I found the acting superb though the story line lacked. The actors...

If you can get to a theater showing this film, GO... absolute must-see for HORROR FANS

By StealTheNight
Just wanted to say I just got back from "Midnight Meat Train" and the movie was 5 stars... a really awesome movie, one of the best horror films I've seen in years, and the best movie of the...

I Like

By jessicarusell
I pesonally loved this movie,the actors did a great job on their performance and how the movie went from happy,loving,care free couple, with great passion in what he(Leon Kaufman) was doing, turned...

Lionsgate is burying this film!

By Horror_Scoper
So many moviegoers will be unable to view this great movie because of the limited release which it is being put out with. Voice your anger as I did and write to Lionsgate Investor Relations at...

Half liked and half didn't

By sammyxoxo14
I watched it with my little sister and we really didn't like it. The beginning was good and pretty gorey ( which we had hoped for :3) but the ending really didn't go good with the movie. If the movie...


this movie was great, i have been a clive barker fan for many years and this was an amazing interpretation of his brilliant work...

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Rated R | For sequences of strong bloody gruesome violence, grisly images involving nudity, sexual content and language
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Common Sense Media says Public-transit terror tale is beyond bloody. Pass.
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