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  • March 19, 2014
  • 3 hr 15 min
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By tom3neub7
Written March 20, 2014
The hero suffers greatly and , at times is hard to take, but , in the second half, all the previous suffering climaxes stirringly. Great cast. Charming direction, sets, singing. Can't take your eyes off lead. Romantic. More a woman's weeper. But, still, because of the artistry, if you can deal with 19th century melodrama, worth it.
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By warnerjean
Written March 21, 2014
Divide the world into two classes: those who have seen this production and those who have not. I'd hate to be in the class of those who have not.
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Werther, Metropolitan Opera HD

By kristimartin7
Written March 20, 2014
The Met Opera presentation of Werther was wonderful I keep wondering if there is another better big screen venue. It is always very disturbing to have thunder, or gunshot, or otherwise LOUD RUMBLING SOUNDS from the theaters next door. This applies to Theater 12 and also Theater 8 in the Edwards Theatre on I-!0 in Houston just off the old Katy Road.
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review of WERTHER Metopera Encore

By gerri1952
Written November 18, 2015
New to this work and advise others to AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE! Left at 1st intermission.. Long time fan of Met and it's HD shows. This bomb joins a select few works I will never again see or recommend. Where to begin? 1) Music blah blah blah. Massenet no Gounoud, let alone Verdi. 2) Story not interesting. No, thats a total understatement..BORING!! 3) Miscast. Kaufmann should know better than trying to portray such a one-dimensional, wooden character. He had to go over the wall to try to emote this pathetic hero's (?) plight. 4) He falls head over heels for this love interest (???) Ms. Koch belongs to the Emilio Estevez school of acting ..no emotion or sex appeal. I mean the libretto tells us Werther can't live without HER? She's a cipher and completely not interesting. Voice adequate at best. 5) Staging totally uninspiring. This director did Carmen (SPLENDID, by the way)? Don't believe its the same guy. Need I go on. Ranks with Pelleas as my most boring evening at the opera.
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By mariacozzi
Written March 20, 2014
Sex, love, death and by Goethe nonetheless! Those Germans know how to die for lack of love.
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