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  • March 19, 2014
  • 3 hr 15 min
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Movie Reviews


By smcgreal
I was Werther twice. It was a superb performance, especially by the splendid tenor Jonas Kauffman. If you like opera, you'll like this one. Shirley McGreal...

"Werther" by Jules Massent : A Study in the Agonies and Ecstasies of Moral Duty and Love Unrequited

By stanleymilstein
What a '"tour d-force" the Metropolitan Opera's restaging of "Werther" is. I enjoyed thiis performance "passionately", without qualification, and could not envision a more artistically complete and...


By bjaymd
An excellent production with a marvelous cast. The best Werther I ahve had the pleasure to see and hear. Jonas Kaufman was in top form and portrayed a very believable Werther. There wasn't a bad...

Loved the Opera - but the cinema messed up the screening & projection

By robynlaing
I absolutely loved the singing, music and staging of "Werther" - I had seen it live at the Met previously & liked it so much that I wanted to see it again at the movies. Unfortunately the cinema...

Thank heaven for the encore

By Bala54
If I only saw one Met HD opera this season, this is the one I wanted to see. LOVED IT! Always expect Kaufmann to be great, but Sophie Koch was marvelous. Tough to stand in for Elina Garanca -...


By burtreyer609
This was my first try at The Metropolitan Opera in HD. It was excellent. Kaufman was not only a great singer but also a great actor. I recommend it highly. ...

Hey, it's Jonas Kaufmann

By dandr0325
To me Werther is all about the third act; even so it's worth sitting through the first two for that sublime if bloody ending. But when you add a tenor of the caliber of Kauffman it makes it doubly...

Met Opera HD: Werther

By bkpjwm1
Cast was excellent as was the production. Enjoy all MET HD telecasts, but would love to have views of the full stage from the audience's perspective. The tight and close-up shots are great, but...


By warnerjean
Divide the world into two classes: those who have seen this production and those who have not. I'd hate to be in the class of those who have not....


By tom3neub7
The hero suffers greatly and , at times is hard to take, but , in the second half, all the previous suffering climaxes stirringly. Great cast. Charming direction, sets, singing. Can't take your eyes...