Un Ballo in Maschera

By inantsy32
Written October 30, 2016
The singing was good, the direction was ludicrous. This is exactly what keeps opera goers away. Amalia going to the gallows hill (which has a shiny, alabaster-type of ground with a small herb on it) in a fancy dress with all her jewelry on; Oscar, who should be a teenager with that voice having a mustache and beard; (and if he is a grown-up, why the soprano voice???); the conspirator openly defacing Gustavo's picture in front of Oscar, who is wearing wings off-and-on; What kind of insane asylum was it? and we were, watching it? I definitely will put the director on the never again watch list. JI
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un ballo in maschera

By edribo
Written November 27, 2015
Spectacular show. Staging, lighting, vocals and the orchestration was spot on and totally enjoyable. During intermissions, the interviews and behind the scenes look at the stage changes are quite enjoyable. I especially enjoyed the live aria in the practice studio with ms. donatto rehearsing Maria Suarta. Thanks!!
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Un Ballo in Maschera

By kay3914
Written October 24, 2016
I loved this performance from the Metropolitan Opera! The singers were outstanding, truly thrilling. The house was packed. I had seen Ballo live at the Met and enjoyed the HD. Some critics and viewers did not like the new production but I found it interesting. I hope to see the HD encore in January.
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Un Ballo In Maschera

By Martamite
Written August 24, 2016
The Met is continuing to improve on its casting and productions. Everyone seemed to enjoy this production. Changing the era worked very nicely; acting and singing great. The theater was a bit chilly. The person in charge was very nice and helpful to all.
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Un Ballo in Maschera - WOW

By emstev6
Written June 25, 2016
How can you go wrong--sublime Verdi music plus fabulous singers, who are also wonderful actors. In particular Sondra Radvanovsky. I have never seen such emoting and such passion. She makes Amelia seem so real. Her voice is exquisite. And then there is the incomparable Dimitri Hvorostovsky--just the expressions on his face alone can convey everything he is feeling and, in turn, makes you feel. He give such a powerful performance. One reviewer criticized Stephanie Blythe's weight. What? Even if you are thinking it, don't say it. Such opinions should be kept to oneself. This is her body--her business. I had never seen this opera and was only vaguely familiar with the music. It was such an intense and moving experience--I was crying at the end. (Some of those tears was sadness that it was over). This is my third HD opera this season. I am loving each one This is by far the best season yet. Kudos to Peter Gelb--and please keep them coming..
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