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  • November 18, 2009
  • NR , 3 hr 25 min
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Turandot: Riveting & beautiful

By Le Petite
Written November 13, 2009
This long-awaited production met with brilliance every expectation. Maria Guleghina was electrifying in the title role, with palpable emotions as the plot unfolded. The cast was so rich, so graceful, so integrated. There is no way to rehearse out the variables that can go into a production this grand, this detailed, this elaborate; rather, dead-on casting and a depth of talent supports & carries the production. The music was exquisite, extracting emotion from the audience. Bravo! I am seeing the encore as well.
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top notch opera produced by the best opera company in the world

By frogs4ever
Written November 18, 2009
They don't get any better or more spectacular than this. If you don't like this Turandot then you just are never going to be a fan of opera.
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Turandot Encore

By mmagoun
Written November 21, 2009
Another wonderful Zeffirelli production - beautiful costumes, impressive sets - a feast for the eyes. Also, the intermission interviews are always interesting. And since some of the intermissions are very long, I very much appreciate that the cameras keep rolling and showing how the sets are assembled and what goes on on the stage behind the curtain.
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Turandot-Metropolitan Opera

By LarryLipsky
Written November 21, 2009
Magnificient. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Why do I have to pay a service charge to buy a ticket. If its really a service charge why does it cost more to send two tickets than one? If you want to charge 2$ more for the ticket thats ok with me..I just hate deception.
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Turandot was great

By arkay18
Written November 21, 2009
I have seen it live and really enjoyed the HD performance just as much, if not more. The camera angles are views that are never possible at a live performance. Also enjoyed the commentaries and side interviews. I plan on going to see the entire Met season.
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