• Released
  • October 12, 2016
  • (Start Time: 6:30PM local time)
  • 5 hr 15 min
  • Concert/Special Events
The Metropolitan Opera: Tristan und Isolde Encore Synopsis
An encore performance of Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde will be shown in select cinemas nationwide on Wednesday, October 12.

Movie Reviews

The standouts were Stuart Skelton"s Tristan and Sir Simon Rattle's conducting

By regenesis1
I don't mean to diminish the fine performances of the excellent cast headed by Nina Stemme's great Isolde. Wagnerians have been pining for a Tristan worthy of discussing in the same breath as...

Superb singing in "Tristan und Isolde"

By jamesrmeehan
This had an all-time stellar cast: Nina Stemme as Isolde, Stuart Skelton as Tristan, Ekaterina Gubanova as Brangäne, and René Pape as King Marke. It's a "long sing," but the cast were strong, even...

Poor Sound Quality

By ivy641
Unexpectedly, the sound track was not properly balanced, and there was a lot of tinny scratchy sound bleeding into the mix. This was distracting, and at times annoying. The production of did the...

Venue did not show movie

By cfnbrenner
After traveling some distance to Burbank to see this presentation, we watched the facility try for 30 minutes to project this opera, without success. They finally said they could not show up due to...

Unfortunate way to start the season

By brooksschleifer

Fabulous music. Great singers

By rlsfo1
Somehow the five hours went by fast. The final aria was worth the wait. We love these HD simulcast shows....

Tristran und Isolde

By cbpearl
Glorious singing in a stupid ship set with flash-back characters that just confused the basic story. I have seen excellent Tristan's on a near bare stage. Why did we need the anachronistic updating...

Tristan and Isolde

By Shabnamalibhai
This was a Metropolitan Opera HD presentation. Absolutely fantastic!! the 5 hrs and 15 min flew by. Even though, it was very dark and did not understand the backdrop scenes all the time- For us in...


By bissingertravel
WE liked it and we were actually testing the quality of your sound system. We had attended a Met HD last year and found the sound to be terrible. We considered going to these Met HD performances at...

Technical difficulties

By bcabral
The opera was wonderful, but it stopped before the ending! And at midnight there didn't seem to be any staff that could help!...

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