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  • November 13, 2013
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By steffi1
Written November 14, 2013
My friends have been telling me about the MetOperas - this was my 1st visit. It did not disappoint - it was so wonderful to be able to see the stars larger than life and the sets, and the details of the costumes,, even the intermissions were interesting when the stars were interviewed and you could see the underpinnings of how these performances are created. I look forward to going to many more. These performances are great for people who would not necessarily be able to go to New York or even afford it, and it makes the ARTS accessible for a wider range of audience.
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By margfriedberg
Written November 14, 2013
Loved Tosca. The Met production was wonderful. Voices were great. Terrific experience. Except: Theater was VERY cold. Attendents had to be found to lower the lights when the first Act started.. Lights went dow fine at the beginning of second Act, but stayed on through all of Act III. Annoying, but not the end of the world. Will definitely come back for more.
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By charlotte538france
Written August 21, 2014
good opera. But WAY TOO LONG with all the intermission broadcast. Not necessary to show Charlie Rose with Levin or other things. At least at the Met you can go have a drink.
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Excellent "Tosca"

By ginnyvida
Written November 14, 2013
This was a transmission from the Metropolitan Opera and there will not be another opera transmission until December. The cast was excellent, and we enjoyed the opera very much. The theatre seems to have technical problems getting the transmissions started on time and at the right volume. It started about 25 minutes late. I wish they could figure out how to receive and project these transmissions properly.
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By haschreiber
Written November 14, 2013
It was exceptional! We have seen Tosca many times including one with Pavarotti at the met and this was in every way comparable. However, we saw the Encore presentation and the intermissions were too long. Since it was on film it would have been simple, I think to cut them down. Arlene
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