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  • November 13, 2013
  • NR , 3 hr 35 min
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The Metropolitan Opera: Tosca Encore Synopsis
The love between the opera singer Floria Tosca and painter and political activist Mario Cavaradossi.

Movie Reviews

Great Performances and Stage Settings

By rosecrafton
I've attended operas since the 1960's in San Francisco and seen some of the best male and female operatic singers. But this performance "overall" was one of the best performed that I have ever seen....


By s2g
I thought the music, voices and acting performances were sensational but don't understand why the overly long intermissions. Instead of those boring behind the scenes construction showings, why not...


By aroeck1
The opera/film was great. Voice track was somewhat muted at the Regal. More significantly we did not need more than 4-5 minutes of rearranging the set to realize how complex the behind-the-scenes...

Tosca Met

By christinelong01
The film was great for this opera novice with bad eyesight. In a theatre everything is pretty hazy. It was great to see the singers--and observe they are real actors....

Too much talking

By Broadway_gal
The music and singers are outstanding. But there is too much extraneous material during the intermissions. I was particularly annoyed by the preview of Falstaff just after the second act...


By broomstick2
Amazing singing and acting. I've seen this opera many times, live and recorded, and have never been so moved or involved. I wish the Met would retire this particular production, however. There is...


By bevashley9
This movie was a wonderful blend of incredible singing and acting. The close up filming of the opera allowed us to see every expression and nuance adding to the experience. In addition, the behind...

Generally disappointing despite excellent Alagna

By brucefw
Staging and choreography very strange. The setting for all 3 acts is too dark. Act One bears hardly any resemblance to the interior of a church. Act Two shows Scarpia's office as implausibly dark....

Met Opera Tosca Encore

By 4bbilson
This is a beautiful production: the singing is outstanding, the acting fine, though in some instances a bit "over the top." I would ask the theater to tone down the sound, as it is too loud to fully...

How you ruined my wife's birthday

By gdf2000
On my wife's birthday, my wife left her office early with great anticipation of seeing the Met and Tosca. We arrived early to get a good seat. We were surprised to find out that AMC had listed the...

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