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Met Opera LIVE in HD is a Treasure!

By SisT
Written November 10, 2013
How can you see premier performances of the New York Metropolitan Opera without mortgaging your children? See them in a movie theatre close to home LIVE in HD! For less than $25 a seat, get the ultimate seats in the house throughout the opera season and experience the best of the best along with backstage interviews with the stars and others who make these presentations happen. You can even see how the sets are moved in and out and other behind-the-scenes happenings. And Tosca? What gorgeous music executed by top professionals with passion and skill! The LIVE simulcast is over but you can catch the Encore - and future LIVE in HD performances. You don't want to miss these!
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delight the senses

By lilsparrow
Written November 10, 2013
This was my first opera, ever. I never thought I would like opera, but I thought I could not say so without trying it. It was WONDERFUL! Skillful acting would have told me the story even if there had not been subtitles. Beautiful music, and with the panning of the audience I felt as though I were really at the Met. The time flew by, and now I want to see all of them. A classic tale, surprised no modern retelling of the story has been done. I experienced a panopoly of emotions. I loved the intermission features, backstage looks and interviews. I think the setting was a little bit spare, and it was a little bit dark, perhaps, but that fit the mood of the tragic story. I was sad to be the youngest person in there save my daughter who is 20. We need to get the word out-young people are missing out on something incredible! I know I was!
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Tosca in HD

By fart4art
Written August 01, 2015
The Met Opera HD series is a wonderful way to complement a live opera experience. The sound quality in the movie theaters is poor, so you do need to see the opera live to appreciate the singing. What you get in the film is the close-up visual element, the acting, and the drama. Tosca is particularly appropriate for HD film as it is a very dramatic story with lots of wild and violent goings-on (intrigue, murder, attempted rape, suicide, assassination), and a strong, forceful heroine (unusual for opera). An extra treat with this film is the inclusion (during intermission) of a segment on James Levine rehearsing the Met opera singers for the upcoming "Falstaff."
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Tosca live from the Met

By sheilabukowski
Written November 26, 2015
These simul-casts of the Metropolitan Opera just get better and better. I know the atmosphere at the Met would be wonderful, but for those of us who live far from New York City, these performances are so beautiful, the camera work is so extraordinary, the sound is so great,that I think the atmosphere is all that's missing! Of course the cost for the tickets to the NY performance compared to the simul-cast is quite different too! Besides seeing and hearing the actual performance, there are interesting interviews with backstage support people - costumers, people who move the sets, as well as with key performers. I love that part! If you love opera, or are curious about it, this is a great way to enjoy it!
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The Metropolitan Opera: Tosca

By colcann
Written September 23, 2014
It was wonderful! The interviews with the stars of Tosca, the crew moving the sets around, the costumes: it was magic watching this great show. It is better than actually being there and affordable.
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