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Met Opera LIVE in HD is a Treasure!

By SisT
Written November 10, 2013
How can you see premier performances of the New York Metropolitan Opera without mortgaging your children? See them in a movie theatre close to home LIVE in HD! For less than $25 a seat, get the ultimate seats in the house throughout the opera season and experience the best of the best along with backstage interviews with the stars and others who make these presentations happen. You can even see how the sets are moved in and out and other behind-the-scenes happenings. And Tosca? What gorgeous music executed by top professionals with passion and skill! The LIVE simulcast is over but you can catch the Encore - and future LIVE in HD performances. You don't want to miss these!
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By YankeeB
Written May 03, 2015
What a wonderful performance, we were on the edge of our seats the whole time. The intermission interviews added a lot to our enjoyment. Plus there was a moment showing Maestro James Levine rehearsing for an upcoming performance. It is good to see him in such good spirits and back working.
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Written November 11, 2013
BRAVO! I applauded after each wonderful aria (even in a movie theater setting) done to perfection by the lead singers. The part of Mario was perfect. His voice gave me chills. Floria Tosca was wonderful, both vocally as well as acting. Overall the production was the best Tosca I have seen. We are so fortunate to see The Met live in our home town. In Pacific Standard Time it's 9:55 am, bringing out in time for a late lunch to talk about the Opera. Thanks Bruce Kelb for bringing the opera home to us in Lake Forest, California.
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By Klolso
Written November 10, 2013
They did a fabulous job with so very many emotions. I loved it. What a joy to have this option to go to the opera. If anyone did not get to go on Saturday, they really should try to attend the Encore.
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A very greatful patron

By a2020orthophoria
Written November 10, 2013
The usual superb LIVE in HD Metropolitan Opera matinee. This is probably the best opera to be seen in the world. To be able to see this LIVE in HD with the technologically perfect production is nothing short of miraculous! Happily, there are more people attending the theater (about 800% increase). This should ensure that these theater LIVE in HD will continue.
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