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By jzimmie
Written July 24, 2014
It was exciting and exhillarating to watch this performance! And even more so to see the back stage interviews and the changing of scenery. If I had any criticism, it would only be the stunt double who fell from the parapet. She needs to be less obvious...but that is so minor. Stunning performances and Scarpia was as villaneous as any villian ive seen.
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The Metropolitan Opera: Tosca

By colcann
Written September 23, 2014
It was wonderful! The interviews with the stars of Tosca, the crew moving the sets around, the costumes: it was magic watching this great show. It is better than actually being there and affordable.
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By jack37gill
Written November 16, 2013
The Opera was beautifully staged by the Met. However to see the show it has to be booked in advance and because the seats are not numbered you have to be there at least an hour in advance to get a decent seat. Why don't movie house recognize adults and sell coffee
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By marindaschwartz
Written November 12, 2013
The theater in which this excellent HD Met broadcast does not have proper binaural sound. A quality opera broadcast costing $25 should at least have sound from all the speakers.
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By petrakof
Written November 10, 2013
Alagna is back to being and even better than before, amazing voice and talent! The chemistry with Racette is palpable, she is also awesome on all levels. The big surprise for me was Gagnidze whom I saw for the first time, an amazing Slovak baritone and the best villain Scarpia ever! This performance was a sheer delight!
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