TOSCA was perfection!

By Seniors for Opera
Written July 02, 2015
This was the best production of TOSCA I have ever seen for these reasons: the casting was phenomenal. Cavaradossi and Tosca were perfect together in relationship on stage as well as vocally superb; Scarpia was overwhelmingly excellent, both vocally and in character; the acting abnilities of the principals were far and above most of the acting seen in operas these days. This made the pathos and the tragedy of this more memorable and convincing. Combined with their vocal abilities, their acting chops, their physical presences, and the glorious Pucini music and the exceptionasl production values, this TOSCA tops my list of favorite MET opera productions. I cannot wait to tell my friends about it and purchase a DVD when it becomes available. BRAVO Mertropolitan Opera!!!
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Better than the real thing!

By bettekahn
Written November 10, 2013
TOSCA, one of the Live from the Met "movies" was fabulous. It is like being on the stage with the performers, as you can see their faces, understand their emotions. It's personal. This Scarpio was the most fiendish I have ever seen - what menace in his eyes. Patricia Racette was excellent, although - up close - she seemed too old for Mario. But all in all, it was a beautifully done production, and the voices were all wonderful. What a wonderful opportunity for people to see opera at a reasonable price and in the comfort of a theater seating. Thank you, Metropolitan Opera
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Tosca simulcast

By mmmmissner274
Written February 07, 2016
My husband and I really enjoyed the performance of Tosca at the Regal Arbor Theater in Austin, Texas. Although it is not quite the same as being at the Met in NYC, it is close with some added benefits. Seats in New York would be much more expensive and there would not be the wonderful interviews and peeks into back room scenes. Whoever came up with brilliant idea of sharing opera and other performances through the movie theater should win some kind of humanitarian award. Renee Fleming is a charming and knowledgable host and we are getting the opportunity to see and hear the best in the opera world.
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By pguinzburg
Written November 19, 2013
Great on the big screen. You can't see this much at the opera house.
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By Beldeena-Wow
Written November 09, 2013
Racette, Alagna, and Gagnizde were superb with their singing and dramatic acting. The program was a real treat. However, the Management at AMC Theatre in Clifton Commons need to speak with their employees in their projection room. During the third act, the audience members could hear loud talking coming from this room.
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