By ashwick2
Written September 02, 2015
One of classic operas of course. This production's Scarpia was well acted and sung. I am not good with Foreign names but this base baritone was superb. Patricia Racette was a good Tosca. As for the plot, murder, sex and revenge always make for a good romp.
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By jemha
Written October 21, 2016
This production of Tosca was riverting! All the performers were in top voice. Thanks to HD, we could experience Tosca's revulsion for Scarpia, the villian. The costumes were gorgeous, especially Tosca's It was better than being at the Met because we had the bonus of seeing Renee Fleming interview the stars, stage director and master carpenter. We are looking forward to attending ALL the Metropolitan Opera in HD Simulcast. GO! Enjoy!
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By eviecohen
Written November 10, 2013
One comment: I think the amount of close ups was too much. Excellent camera work but as I thought about it later that was my thoughts with friends who went with me. Superb production, sets, acting and of course singing. Puccini does it again with The Met! A+++
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By susansatz
Written November 10, 2013
wonderful performances by everyone, including the three leads who were magnificent. amc clifton, with its stadium seating is the best location for us, and it is clean and appears to be well run. the customer service desk is always a pleasure to deal with. they are very helpful.
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Fantastic Met Opera production as usual

By bvicki
Written November 10, 2013
The MetOpera did a great job as usual. Patricia Racette, in the title role of Tosca, Roberto Alagna (Tosca's lover) and George Gagnidze as the operatic antihero, were all fabulous. But my favorite was Gagnidze whose interpretation of Scarpia was very effective. Renee Fleming as host of this production was engaging. Those who have never seen an opera, or who love opera but have not seen any of the Live-in-HD productions by the Metropolitan Opera, will surely love this production. This is not only for classical music lovers but also for those who love theater, musicales, etc. The price certainly is right -- one will have to pay more than $100 to have an equivalent seat in-house! (I would recommend this only for adults.)
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