Powerful tale, simple words, striking music

By seattleop
Written February 08, 2016
The accessible language of this re-telling of the Tempest gets right to the emotional story of Miranda's coming of age and Prospero's triumph and ultimate yielding of power. Apologies to original Shakespeare fans, but in this version there's no need to unravel archaic language. The surprising music augments each character with a riveting effect. Ariel, Calaban, Prospero, Miranda... we want to live on their island. I'm a new fan of Thomas Ades and Meredith Oakes. Warning: there were some grumbles from an audience member about the music being unmelodic. It probably doesn't pass the whistle test, but I enjoyed it.
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The Tempest

By carolknox
Written July 30, 2015
Simply a screeching misery for the first two acts which is all I could bear. The dialogue did no justice in the least to Shakespeare, and the score was discordant. Too much "tempest" in the music for my taste. My ears still bled a bit this morning.
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The Tempest

By yktravart-movie
Written May 24, 2016
I loved the new opera based on The Tempest. Wonderful music and production. I am very surprised that the AMC Theatre on 42nd Street in NYC didn't provide the synopsis of the opera. This is something that is always part of the Met Live in HD experience. With NYC prices the least they can do is print out a page to hand out.
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By funinnyc
Written November 25, 2015
This was a gorgeous production of the opera THE TEMPEST. Such amazing visuals! The only problem i had was the sound in the theater was not loud enough. Wish it was louder!
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The Tempest

Written May 05, 2016
I'm sure Willy Shakespeare is turning in his grave..I love Simon Keelyside but he should have taken a pass on this one! We walked out as soon as the lights went on.
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