The Tempest

By catbabylove
Written May 22, 2015
Sheer genius in every way: music, singing, acting, production, orchestra in control of conductor. Phenomenal work of art. "Out of planet" experience.
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By sprobeck
Written June 26, 2016
This was really amazing opera.It had beautiful music, cool effects, and it was in English! This was the first opera I've seen in my native tongue. Will go again.
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The Tempest in High Def

By opera fangaro
Written May 25, 2015
It was great to see this exciting new opera on the MET stage. Singing was agile and met the demands of difficult score. Libretto was amazing – kind of Wagnerian stabrime with short phrases and some rhyme which allowed clear enunciation of the feelings and story. Staging varied from exhilarating effects to pedestrian and crowded blocking. (Lepage just doesn’t work well with actors.) Biggest gripe is the sound where I saw the show, at MAzza Gallerie in Washington DC. Often too loud, and not kind to orchestra.
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Can I Get a Melody?

By Mysterhee1020
Written November 28, 2015
Outstanding production, incredible voices, masterful acting, famous Shakespearean story. So what could be wrong? As a modern composition, there isn't a traditional melody to be found here. The skills to sing and play this kind of dissonance are on full display, but we had to leave after Act 2. At least we left on a high note in that the second act closed with an aria between the star-crossed lovers and it was beautiful. I'll see any production with Simon Keenlyside performing in it. He's a fine baritone in voice, stature and range.
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Powerful tale, simple words, striking music

By seattleop
Written February 08, 2016
The accessible language of this re-telling of the Tempest gets right to the emotional story of Miranda's coming of age and Prospero's triumph and ultimate yielding of power. Apologies to original Shakespeare fans, but in this version there's no need to unravel archaic language. The surprising music augments each character with a riveting effect. Ariel, Calaban, Prospero, Miranda... we want to live on their island. I'm a new fan of Thomas Ades and Meredith Oakes. Warning: there were some grumbles from an audience member about the music being unmelodic. It probably doesn't pass the whistle test, but I enjoyed it.
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