The Metropolitan Opera: The Tempest Encore Synopsis
Thomas Adès conducts the Metropolitan Opera premiere of his 2004 work, starring Simon Keenlyside.

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The Tempest

By catbabylove
Sheer genius in every way: music, singing, acting, production, orchestra in control of conductor. Phenomenal work of art. "Out of planet" experience....

The Tempest in High Def

By opera fangaro
It was great to see this exciting new opera on the MET stage. Singing was agile and met the demands of difficult score. Libretto was amazing – kind of Wagnerian stabrime with short phrases and some...


By sprobeck
This was really amazing opera.It had beautiful music, cool effects, and it was in English! This was the first opera I've seen in my native tongue. Will go again....

Can I Get a Melody?

By Mysterhee1020
Outstanding production, incredible voices, masterful acting, famous Shakespearean story. So what could be wrong? As a modern composition, there isn't a traditional melody to be found here. The skills...

Inventive, stylish, beautifully performed but not for lovers of Shakespeare

By teller.ira
The performers are outstanding and gorgeous to look at. The staging is inventive, especially the opening Shipwreck. Definitely worth seeing but also definitely not for lovers of Shakespeare, whose...

Powerful tale, simple words, striking music

By seattleop
The accessible language of this re-telling of the Tempest gets right to the emotional story of Miranda's coming of age and Prospero's triumph and ultimate yielding of power. Apologies to original...

The Tempest

By yktravart-movie
I loved the new opera based on The Tempest. Wonderful music and production. I am very surprised that the AMC Theatre on 42nd Street in NYC didn't provide the synopsis of the opera. This is...

The Tempest

By carolknox
Simply a screeching misery for the first two acts which is all I could bear. The dialogue did no justice in the least to Shakespeare, and the score was discordant. Too much "tempest" in the music for...


By nyccccer
This was a gorgeous production of the opera THE TEMPEST. Such amazing visuals! The only problem i had was the sound in the theater was not loud enough. Wish it was louder!...

The Tempest

I'm sure Willy Shakespeare is turning in his grave..I love Simon Keelyside but he should have taken a pass on this one! We walked out as soon as the lights went on....

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