The Tempest

By debirv
Written February 15, 2016
I'm not a big fan of Opera, but I know I should learn to like it. This is an excellent way to enjoy the whole experience. Thank you and I did have a good time....and will go again.
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The Tempest

By skiddles
Written August 31, 2016
We enjoyed the production; as always at the Met the performances were excellent. We enjoyed not having any loud noise from the adjacent theaters. Thank you!
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Worth seeing!

By Mirta_
Written December 02, 2016
I'm a Rossini, Verdi, Mozart person who avoids new music. Yet the NYT's review was enthusiastic. So, I considered that I do like the Tempest, incl variations from Enchanted Isand to Prospero's Books. And there were all those chest tatoos (though in the event, their promise of edgy-ness wasn't quite fulfulled). So I went. This was a largely traditional reading, if with a 21c slant, eg Miranda & Ferdinand just decide they'll get married (or mebbe are married), without staying for Prospero's permission. I was struck during intermission interviews that several singers said how hard the music was, though it'd take someone more knowledgeable than I actually to hear this. What held me was the production, eg, the nifty way characters entered & exited. AND ARIEL - stunning, lots of gymnastic & sinuous things going on, plus extraordinary singing: high-pitched, metalic, non-human, delicate, recognizably coloratura. I will long rememember Ariel. Go for Ariel if nothing else.
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Ades: The Tempest

By flmillner
Written December 06, 2016
Music is good mix of tonality and dissonance - a little more complicated than Britten. Plot is rather unconvincing, but not a rare event in operas. Singing is superior. Piece is not too long. Deserves more than one hearing.
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the tempest

By nessie2
Written October 28, 2016
An extraordinary show, and a special delight to have the composer conducting. Had seen it in Santa Fe and liked that version better than this version--but the Prospero here made up for any concerns. Good casting, choreograpy...just a delight.
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