"The Tempest"

By c_hales
Written November 30, 2015
Brilliant, beautiful, a bit eccentric production of "The Tempest," adapted from Shakespeare's play (not an easy job!) -- excellent singing (though Ariel's highest notes were a bit hard on the ears at times -- not off-key, just extremely high in the soprano range) and acting throughout. Imaginative costumes, especially for Ariel, Prospero, and Caliban. I would encourage people who didn't see the "live" showing to see the encore showing, whenever that is going to run.
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Tempest illuminated

By tuchmans
Written October 10, 2015
This version of the Tempest by the modern opera composer, Thomas Ades is wonderful. The music fits the emotions and the libretto makes clear the essential story. The staging is very good, the singing is very good. What more can you ask.
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The Tempest

By Steve Sharp
Written May 04, 2016
The staging was spectacular and the acting was first rate; worthy of a Shakespeare play. The music was okay but not memorable and lacking in impact. The book (i.e. the lyrics and spoken words) was very poor and took away from the impact of the overall performance. All in all it was an enjoyable performance but not one that I would recommend to others or rush to see again.
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The Tempest

By dtriedel
Written November 26, 2015
Excellent Met production. Simon Keenlyside was especially good.
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A Sensational Surprise

By bobbylein
Written August 27, 2014
Had I known this was a "modern" opera I would not have wanted to see it...and I would have missed an extraordinary experience. What a masterpiece! I think, though, that the HD screen version is the only way to get it all: The intimate relationship with the characters, the incredible poetry of the libretto, the ingenuity of the costumes, the direct emotional bite of the action, even an appreciation of the backstage operations. There ought to be another category for this work of art; "opera" in the traditional sense it is not. I know of no other opera that delivers such an immediate, gorgeous, compelling and rewarding experience.
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