"Tempest" complex play and wonderful opera

By 2cooperwec
Written February 14, 2016
The "Tempest" was one of Shakespeare's most complex plays. The context of the play is the perception of the "New World" by Europe and England. The "New World" was a place of mystery, strange animals and plants,"noble natives", geography, and climates to Europeans. Shakespeare creates a mysterious and magical island of the "New World". From this context he creates a complex play with drama and humor, with love and revenge, and with slavery and freedom. The "Tempest" the opera is a great opera containing many of Shakespeare's play, but the opera emphasizes some of the elements of the play and changes some of the actions. I like the opera for creating clearer images and outcomes than the play. The opera the "Tempest " is a fine opera. Prospero was a great actor and singer in this latest production by the Met! Will Cooper
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When the words, stage, and voices surpass the music

By RutieEck
Written September 27, 2016
Listening to opera in English is new to me, so being able to enjoy this adaptation of The ?Tempest to the extent I did was remarkable. The Libretto of Meredith Oakes is wonderful ?beyond words! Easy to follow, understandable and sing-able. Add to that the most magical ?costumes and make up. I am not sure I am crazy about the choice of location the inside of ?the La Scala Opera, but that, too was dont and used magically.? What is left - is the music. I wish I had special ear plugs to remove the a-tonal annoying ?music by Ades. it was not enjoyable, not fun: at no point could I latch into the music or flow ?with it. But - I am probably in the minority...?
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First Opera ever!!

By ben_elkins
Written June 29, 2016
This was the first Opera in this setting I've seen and I highly rate this experience. It was so insightful and I left with such an understanding of the work. I cannot wait to experience another Opera in this format!! - Ben
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The Metropolitan Opera: The Tempest

By hottsen
Written February 19, 2017
I must admit that I normally don't go flocking to a modern opera. But I went to see the Metropolitan Opera's simulcast of the Tempest and, boy, I'm glad I did. It is absolutely fabulous!!! The music snuggled itself around the story and characters and Shakespeare's verse - beautifully - it was there, nurturing, supporting, and playing its proper role. The performers were spectacular, bringing out their music and their characters. The staging, the stage, the custumes were superior. And - did I mention Shakespeare? His story and verse was beautifully presented even after the necessary changes to produce the libretto from the original text. Finally, the overall broadcast, bringing in the background, the interviews with the performers, and the peak backstage at how it all is put together: Over-the-top cool!! This one not to be missed.
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Ades's Tempest is a Masterpiece

By Bostonflick
Written May 05, 2015
The music is incredibly moving, the cast is fabulous, the adaptation of the play is superb, and the stage production is wonderful. The performance was so evocative that it haunted me the next day. If you like opera, you will probably love this. I also love the intermission interviews with the stars--Debra Voight did the interviews for this performance.
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