The Metropolitan Opera: The Tempest Synopsis
Thomas Adès conducts the Metropolitan Opera premiere of his 2004 work, starring Simon Keenlyside.

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May make it into standard repertoire

By musdent
The production of the Tempest was very well done. Performances were first rate and HD was very well done. This opera seems to have staying power. However it is more satisfyinig to watch than just...

The Trmprst

By momm
I did not expect to like the opera as much as I did. the coloratura soprano was fantastic. Her vocal gymnastics were amazing as were her actual gymnastic skills as the sprite Ariel. I love Simon...

The Tempest - Tepid

By SATxn
Although the performers were excellent including Simon Keenleyside, Alek Shrader, Isabel Leonard, and Audrey Luna, the overall production design exciting, and good camera work, the music seemed on...

The Tempest Was Worth It

By iobdennis
Excellent singing all 'round. Well-balanced cast. Interesting music. Caliban's last note and Ariel's beginning note to her final arietta was genius! Great Cirque staging and costumes too....

the tempest

By nessie2
An extraordinary show, and a special delight to have the composer conducting. Had seen it in Santa Fe and liked that version better than this version--but the Prospero here made up for any...

The Tempest

By debirv
I'm not a big fan of Opera, but I know I should learn to like it. This is an excellent way to enjoy the whole experience. Thank you and I did have a good time....and will go again....

Amazing Modern Opera

By evildwarf
The Met has been on a lucky streak lately with 'modern' - Nixon In China, Doctor Atomic, and Satyagraha - but nothing tops this Thomas Ades opera based on Shakespeare's The Tempest. Everybody is...

When the words, stage, and voices surpass the music

By RutieEck
Listening to opera in English is new to me, so being able to enjoy this adaptation of The ?Tempest to the extent I did was remarkable. The Libretto of Meredith Oakes is wonderful ?beyond words! Easy...

"Tempest" complex play and wonderful opera

By 2cooperwec
The "Tempest" was one of Shakespeare's most complex plays. The context of the play is the perception of the "New World" by Europe and England. The "New World" was a place of mystery, strange...

Tempest illuminated

By tuchmans
This version of the Tempest by the modern opera composer, Thomas Ades is wonderful. The music fits the emotions and the libretto makes clear the essential story. The staging is very good, the...

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