By billanddot
Written October 27, 2013
Awful. Too much emphasis on unnecessary visuals to detriment of story. Production would have been terrible in a live performance b/c of large vertical setting with little compartments. Clever animation but it wasn't needed for the plot. If the story is about a man who loses his nose, why wasn't that man provided with some sort of makeup or device that covered his nose and made it look like he lost it? Instead, he had a fully complete face all the while talking about his nose being missing. Not worth our time, but fortunately it was relatively short.
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The Nose -- The Met BLEW it!

By snjherron
Written October 27, 2013
When I saw "The Nose" at the Met in 2010, I LOVED it, and was looking forward with great anticipation to seeing it in HD. However, what was shown proved to me conclusively that not all operas can or should be shown in HD. In the opera house, it was almost like watching a three-ring circus, but those extreme close-ups in the HD caused us only to see one of the three rings, and we missed much of the irony of Kovalyov's tiny life in his tiny room where he didn't even have dominion over his space (witness the ever-present flatmate), while his nose had a much more significant life. We missed what was going on with the nose during those close-ups -- no one who hadn't seen the opera at The Met knew that, and must have wondered what all the hoopla was about, why the rave reviews. Whoever was directing the camera to those close-ups couldn't have understood anything about the opera, or especially of Kentridge's intent -- otherwise he would not his distorted its meaning as he did. Too bad...
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The Nose

By judith-anderson
Written October 28, 2013
Fascinating staging. Excellent vocals. I found the music, however, to be a bit challenging. It was constantly at an aggressive, fever pitch. Shostakovitch could have used some variations in intensity. Interestingly, my Chinese friend, who is not very good at English, felt he understood it well and liked it quite a bit. Similar culture to his, he said.
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The Nose Stunk

By ShakespeareGal
Written October 27, 2013
I am a regular at the Met and I wanted to test the waters of this opera in the movie theater 1st. I tried listening to it on cd 1st and couldn't bare it. Only reason I ended up going was because of great NYT review. I should have gone with my 1st instinct and refunded ticket in lieu of going. It was torturous. Also, it was a distraction that nothing was done to cover his nose in some manner. The whole story revolves around his missing nose and it was annoying every time he'd refer to it's absence that it was plain as day!
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The Nose

By Operabuff74
Written October 27, 2013
First, many thanks for opening the second Columbia theater to carry the Metropolitan Opera HD productions. Please work for better publicity of that fact. I discovered it by accident when getting my ticket on line. The Sandhills theater has done a great job, and it is great to have a second location on the "other" side of town! The Nose was terrific for opera lovers. A Shostakovich work rarely performed, it was important to find the Met doing it, but most of all the production was absolutely first-class in every respect. This is extraordinarily difficult music performed without a hint of weakness. Paulo Szot should win awards for his incredible performance.
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