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Really enjoyed it ...

By toni803
Written October 27, 2013
The music and sets matched the tone perfectly. We found it delightful. We may not have caught all of the symbolism, although what we got was well done. Just really enjoyed it.
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The Nose

By don_lynn
Written October 27, 2013
We saw Paolo Szot in South Pacific. How he can go from such glorious tunes like Some Enchanted Evening and This Nearly was Mine to the atonal, amelodic music in the Nose, has us scratching our heads. The story was interesting and had some comment about the power of the press and the shallowness of society, but the music was not pleasant.
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No to "The Nose"

By mctours
Written October 27, 2013
commendable for its effort, the Met's production a la Henderson (?) left us confused even outside its attempted satire of Russian society. We were not wearned that the composer's music would be sung without recognizable melodyand at fortissimo volume relentlessly.
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Bad, Bad, Bad

By normaledelman
Written October 28, 2013
This was the worst opera I've ever seen. It's a shame that such good opera singers had to perform this dumb opera. There was more speaking than singing. We see every Met HD opera, and this is the first that I am sorry I wasted my time on.
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By spiro
Written October 27, 2013
Having attended most met broadcasts over the past five years, I thought that this was one of the best. The staging was remarkable, the acting and singing were wonderful, the story is funny and the music is beautiful.
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