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  • December 30, 2006
  • NR , 1 hr 50 min
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Movie Reviews

Magic Flute

By paulineviardot
Whimsical, entertaining and fabulous!...

The Magic Flute

By puckster
Opera for the masses, pass the popcorn. My theatre lost about 10 min of the transmission in the middle - seems to have been a local problem - otherwise it was excellent audio and video -- and the...

Magic Flute

By Daisymarie
This was wonderful!...

Magic Flute

By divaredhead
A marvelous experience--I saw and heard things in this performance that I would never have seen or heard otherwise. The sound was exquisite and placed me front row center. Please continue to...

"Being there"

By raziel
Superb pantomime-like production by Julie Taymor, well sung by an international cast. Very enjoyable. Looking forward to many mor Met opera broadcasts....

Metropolitan Opera

By Donald Wertz
There was a serious techical glitch--no sound--at the beginning, but considering this was a brand new technology, this is understandable. Once underway with the sound, the experience was...

The Magic Flute

By SeniorTreats
This was a great production. We plan to take a couple of our great grand children to see it when is has the encore prodution.... I was so pleasantly surprised....

The Magic Flute

By Diggie and Lee
We found this to be a wonderful experience. We have tickets to see The First Emperor on January 13th, and will buy tickets for at least 1 or 2 more of the performances. I cannot compliment this...

Wonderful afternoon

By afan
It was a fabulous performance enjoyed by my children, by me, and by my father. Thank you for making that possible. I was looking for a program that I could download from the website and would have...

The Magic Flute

By pitalady
Just beautiful visually!!! The voices were wonderful. The shots of the stage were perfect. It was like being at the Met. We plan to go to everything in the series!!!! I should mention that I...

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