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  • January 13, 2007
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Movie Reviews

First Emperor

By livemusic
Great staging, sets, voices, orchestra, visual quality. Opera worked -- good combination of Western and Chinese culture....

First Emperor

By macherb
Spectacle that I would expect from the Met. Best seats in the house....

The Met in Your Home Town

By kmistry
The concept of bringing the Met to all of America is brillant. Having the opportunity to see first class opera is a rare and usually expensive event. Seeing the premiere of "The First Emperor" was a...


By Omei
, comissioned by the Metropolitan Opera House, was a disappointment, regardless of the sold-out status and the spectacular scenes, and the internationally renowned singers.... etc. The opera,...

First Emperor

By operalover1940
It was phenomenal and provided visual and aural images I will recall for the rest of my life....

Tan Dun -- The First Emperor

By Saturday at the Opera
The MET at the movies is a wonderful and unique way to get the visual input that we only hear about over the radio. I cannot help but think that we frequently had a much better view of some things...

the Last Emperor

By clanigan
This is one of the series that the Metropolitan Opera is making available, in High def live simulcast. The quality, musically and cinematically, was fabulous. Even if you think you don't like opera,...

Great Overall Experience

By composer3
This new MET thing in movie theaters has really caught on; frankly, good for them! All of the visual aspects of this work were over-the-top in a great way; a feast for the eyes. The music was typical...

If you can't go to NYC, it is the next best thing

By ajmezzo
I enjoyed seeing this done with such care. Wasn't wild about the piece...well I was enjoying it...until the end...but the experience was fantastic. The sound was great. The picture quality was great....

First Emperor was so cool

By martian
Better than a front row view. Interviews with Placido and the other stars, the stage manager and the composer were excellent. It's nice to see an opera in comfortable movie seats....

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