The Metropolitan Opera: Satyagraha Encore Synopsis
Richard Croft returns as Gandhi in Philip Glass's opera.

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By leahvetter
Not everyone likes the minimalist music composed by Philip Glass, but if you do, even a little, you will be overwhelmed by this glorious production of his opera SATYAGRAHA (which refers to Gandhi's...


By operafirst
A very boring opera. Too much of just nothing happening and the music, if hyou can call it that was monotonous. Since I havebeen viewing all the operas, this one should not bve done againbu the...


By sarich
If you like the minimalist operas then you will probably enjoy this production. It could have been written and performed in about 2 to 3 hours which would have improved it for me. The staging of...


By trishrice
Wonderful production. Very interesting. the combination of Glass, Gandhi and puppets..who would have thought it! Because of the length, it was great to be able to attend in casual clothes in a...

Satyagraha, MET Opera

By Firozejungalwala
This is an awful production on life of an outstanding man, Ghandhi. Altough the music by Philip Glass is sublime, the entire Opera is in abstract form. There is no story line and one constantly...


By kerrymills
We loose signal 10 minutes in to the show. We hear a little singing and music and see a little of the set and then bam! No signal and no opera. Big fat disappointment since this was a gift for my...


By the2x2mom
Extreemely creative production. Amazing score! Acting ability beyond compare. Love the convience of watching awesome productions in my oh so lacking home town!!!...

More Subtitles, Please!

By bobconn
The production was enchanting. The singing was good. But, I would have appreciated more subtitles. I simply wanted to know what they were sayitng. The excuse that Sanscrit is meant to be head and not...

confusing and tedious melody Oh NO!

By Sufran
I am a big Gandhi fan and had been really anticipating this opera with high expectations. My friend and I left after the 2nd act. The music was far too repetitive and there was very little text to...


By jmendelo
Positive: Projection, Sound, Production, Performance An amazing effort by orchestra and cast, but the music was too repetitive for my taste. I like Philip Glass otherwise. Looking forward to the...

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