Boring Opera

By lbbowen
Written November 21, 2011
I thought the opera was very boring!! Although I learned a lot about the history of Gandhi and his work in South Africa, the music was really uninteresting and non-melodic. They should have shown the film clips of Gandhi in his younger years at the beginning of the opera, since most of the pictures I have seen have shown him when he was older, bald and without a mustache. When I saw the "younger Gahdhi" with a full head of hair and a mustache, I didn't realize until later on in the opera (when they showed the film clips) that he looked like that when he was younger.
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Don't Waste Your Time on This Opera

By mildew
Written November 22, 2011
I want people to know that I have seen more than 80 operas. this one is by far the worst waste of my time. For a work about Gandhi, I actually left feeling aggressive and as though I wanted 4 hours of my life back. There were very few subtitles, some attendees contacted theater staff to "fix the subtitles" before realizing that we were supposed to "feel" the sanskrit. Ouch! The music is very repetitive and nearly lulled me to sleep. maybe that was the idea, to hypnotize the audience and keep them from writing reviews that tell the truth. Philip Glass may be a genius, bur he needs to learn from the masters of opera - that the audience should be emotionally moved by the characters, story and most of all, beautiful music. Maybe next time he will get it right (but I doubt I'll be there). two thumbs down. Go see a rerun of La Traviata instead.
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By moviesabc
Written November 22, 2011
A splendid paegant about Ghandi in South Africa, the prelude to what he accomplished in India and the place where he learned/created the idea of non-violent resistance, which changed not just India, but the world. Visually stunning, and if you like Phillip Glass ( I do ), muscially captivating, especially the chorus work.
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By qhapaqinka
Written November 21, 2011
Quite simply one of the best things I have ever seen. If this isn't going to be available on DVD at some point, I will cry. Do whatever you have to to see it.
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Satyagraha at the Metropolitan Opera

By Whisperer
Written November 22, 2011
For those who love Philip Glass's minimalist music, it's an amazing musical and spiritual journey that goes into the meditative mind of Mohandas Ghandi as he develops his philosophy and practice of non violent resistance to social injustice. Leo Tolstoy, Indian poet Tagore and Dr. Martin Luther King each oversee one of the three acts. It's a very unusual opera. Sung in Sanscrit, a language that hasn't been spoken for thousands of years and nobody really knows how it sounds. The libretto is a translation of the sacred Hindu text Bhagavad Gita and has no real relation to the singers' actions or astounding visuals using puppets and multimedia. Subtitles are very rarely used. The beautiful voices melt into mantra. Visuals tell what there is of story. Incomprehensible to the mind. All one can do is surrender to the mediation and feel gloriously happy at the end of the experience. Be sure to stay for interviews at the intermissions to help decipher what one is seeing. Namaste.
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