The Metropolitan Opera: Satyagraha Synopsis
Richard Croft returns as Gandhi in Philip Glass's opera.

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Boring Opera

By lbbowen
I thought the opera was very boring!! Although I learned a lot about the history of Gandhi and his work in South Africa, the music was really uninteresting and non-melodic. They should have shown the...

Don't Waste Your Time on This Opera

By mildew
I want people to know that I have seen more than 80 operas. this one is by far the worst waste of my time. For a work about Gandhi, I actually left feeling aggressive and as though I wanted 4 hours of...


By moviesabc
A splendid paegant about Ghandi in South Africa, the prelude to what he accomplished in India and the place where he learned/created the idea of non-violent resistance, which changed not just India,...


By qhapaqinka
Quite simply one of the best things I have ever seen. If this isn't going to be available on DVD at some point, I will cry. Do whatever you have to to see it....

Satyagraha at the Metropolitan Opera

By Whisperer
For those who love Philip Glass's minimalist music, it's an amazing musical and spiritual journey that goes into the meditative mind of Mohandas Ghandi as he develops his philosophy and practice of...


By lcovello
I risk exposing myself as a philistine and cultural thug. "Satyagraha"...yieks!!!!!!!!! I first heard some Philip Glass music about 15-20 yrs ago and didn't like it a lot. Now, I still don't like...


By scotirene
A novel experience - an opera wholly in Sanscrit. Great music and fabulous staging. One criticism - need some kind of introduction to the characters other than the gods and inspirations....

A different kind of opera

By bobciao
We were uncertain whether to go or not, but we decided that we should go to see what it was all about. Part of the interest was due to the previews we had seen, with the extraordinary puppets in the...


By AquaPazza
A fabulous "new" opera by Phillip Glass, with beautiful music, outstanding singing and acting, amazing mythical characterizations and aerialists. Gandhi's story adapted to both historical and...

Endurance contest

By jvan56
The Metropolitan Opera's production of Philip Glass' Satyagraha was an exercise in tedious repetition. The vocal line is sung entirely in vowel-heavy Sanskrit, with moralistic phrases from the...

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