Karita Mattila goes the full monty as SALOME

By WeillFan
Written August 26, 2008
I saw this critically acclaimed production live at the Metropolitan Opera in 2004 and Karita Mattila was amazing both vocally and dramatically. In this modern-dress production, Mattila brought to mind one of those spoilt and brainless tabloid celebrities using her wealth and power to get her way, without knowing the horrific impact of her petulant desires. I really liked the updating, since it felt much more relevant by suggesting a current clash of Western culture with that of the Middle East. And with so much fanaticism running rampant now, the mix or religion, sex and violence felt very timely. And yes, Mattila reveals all in her "Dance of the Seven Veils," presented here like a Marlene Dietrich tuxedo striptease (with the help of two male dancers). I'm looking forward to seeing this "Salome" again, this time on the big screen.
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better than box at the Met

By kirom
Written October 12, 2008
Operaphile couple like this better than live performance at opera house. Expressions and nuances of singers are clearly visible and provide double the enjoyment. There is still the excitement of live performance, and can have comfort of my living room. Mattila was stunning and convincing as a young girl.
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By tperna
Written October 14, 2008
This is the live HD performance of the Metropolitan Opera's production of Salome. We love to see these productions because it is a rare opportunity to see a live performance at the Met. Salome was fabulous. If you have never seen opera, but always wondered what it was about, take advantage of this series....you get to see the best of the best - LIVE as it is happening! There are English subtitles and a synopsis is passed out at the beginning, so you know what is going on and you can just sit vack and enjoy the beautiful music and acting and the show.
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By celery42
Written October 12, 2008
Brilliantly performed - both singing and acting. A stunning event. One criticism: I really enjoy seeing the Met filmed a la a movie, and so many current singers are also actors. "Salome" was filmed too much in close-up which accented the discrepancy of the prophet (Johaanan) who is described on a young, beautiful bodied man and the heavyset dark haired singer who played him. Opera suspends disbelief of course, but with filming it requires different technique for different operas and singers. Still, I wouldn't miss any of the them. Bravo/va!
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By SquirePaul
Written October 13, 2008
With the exception of wimping out on the THE most stunning moment of the opera, the Met HD Broadcast of SALOME was fantastic. I attended a live performance of this production four years ago and the cameras captured all the excitement of a truly marvelous cast. Karita Mattila did, indeed, "kick ass," as she promised to do in her pre-performance walk to the stage. Why the Met felt the world was too prissy to appreciate a momentary fully-nude Salome, choosing, instead, to keep the camera on Herod, is beyond me. What could have been a grand slam event was a solid home run.
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