I HAVE to see this opera again!

By bobsushill
Written December 27, 2007
I thought the Eugene Onegin I saw as a Met simulcast last year was the opera highlight of my life, but Romeo et Juliette was JUST as good!!!! And the clip of Natalie Dessay singing in Lucia was just about the most amazing thing I have ever seen, anywhere, in any medium. PLEASE PLEASE do another encore! I didn't have enough time to call our friends around the country to tell them to see the next day encore AND we were busy the next day, otherwise I would have gone to see it myself again! BRAVO! Susan Hill
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Roberto Alagna best by far!

By dasani297
Written January 04, 2008
This production was in short, beautiful. Being a critic, I always tend to look for the bad things in a production, however, in this one, there wasn't much to say. Roberto Alagna sang almost flawlessly. Netrebko looking beautiful as always did well, however she tends to do wierd things with her jaw and although it doesn't directly affect her sound, she could sound even better if she'd stop! The direction and set and costumes were just amazing. The hanging bed amongst the stars was just breathtaking. I have to say that other than Alagna, the best singer by far was the mezzo who played Stephano. PERFECTION. And I don't say that often! Her voice production was flawless. Why people crawl and die over Nathan Gunn is beside me. In order to have what he percieves as good diction he overpronouces everything and it totally throws off his vocal production. All together a beautiful production and it didn't hurt to see Roberto Alagna in his BVD's :).
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Romeo and Juliet - When good music happens to bad singers

By littlediva
Written December 18, 2007
The HD simulcast of this Met production was unfortunate (all the ones I saw last year were spectacular). First, the camera kept going back stage at each break between acts. It was awful - it's so jarring to be involved in the story and the music (as if you were in the audience - the whole purspoe of HD, if you ask me) and then rudely reminded that you are not in the audience by being jerked back stage to see someone get sweat wiped off their brow. Who thought that was a good idea? Please stay on the audience-side of the curtain please!!! Second, some of the camera angles were WAY TOO CLOSE! Opera is an art best observed from a discret distance. The camera, again, distroyed the fantasy that I was an audience member and turned the opera into some kind of bad reality TV. I'd like to be able to see the singers on the stage, not the nostril hairs on the singer. Also, the overhead camera shots were really dumb. Other than that, the sound and picture quality are superb!
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By CustomerCare
Written December 03, 2007
Its amazing.. and that Anna Netrebko is HOT!
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good news and bad news

By opera10
Written December 16, 2007
the good news first--great voices, and music was superb-- great acting---good sets and scene the bad news----toooooo long and drawn out ---could have achieved the same effects with much shorter scenes. observed many viewers leaving after first dragged out act.
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